On the 2nd day of AI EXPO, WaCare faces another challenge. Except introduce the philosophy of WaCare- My Health Social Network and the 24/7 online health advice service. WaCare team participates the panel speaking of AI EXPO to discuss how big data application reforms the healthcare industry.

Harbor Research Inc. is a well known IoT Strategy Consulting and Research in California, therefore, AI EXPO invites Mr. Alex Glaser, the VP of Harbor Research as the moderator of this panel speaking. Dr. Pan the CEO of La Vida Tec., Mr. David Ledbetter, the Senior Data Scientist of Children Hospital Los Angels and Mr. Stuart Taubman, the VP of Darker Fiber Business Development (West Region) of Zayo Group are the three major speakers.

Although the foreign experts and enterprises pay lots of attention on WaCare’s innovative technology and business mode, we are still full of confidence. CEO of La Vide Tec., Dr. Pan elaborates how WaCare integrate A.I. and big data in the field of Preventive Medicine. WaCare uses A.I. Engine to analyze Personal Health Record, so the family and friends will receive the notification when WaCare finds the potential health risk. User’s health condition could be actively intervened by family and friends to achieve the ultimate goal of health social network. On the other hand, the online health experts can provide suitable solution to decrease the potential risk in real time.

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