▶ Opportunity is for the ready one

Silicon Valley, the global technology cluster is the first international stage of WaCare-My Health Social Network. The visitors of AI EXPO are quite different from those Taiwanese visitors for their aggressive questions, regardless of VC, technicians, scholars, sales, even ordinary people. They challenge WaCare team by comparing products and asking massive questions.

It seems quite harsh, but if you can answer their questions precisely and elaborate the philosophy, belief and value of your product, they will of course give you a positive feedback, even provide an opportunity of cooperation. Take WaCare as an example, we showcase the developed product that contains POC, POS and MVP. Several VC of varied nations invite WaCare to visit their countries to discuss the near future cooperation. This is Silicon Valley where is full of golden opportunities.

WaCare team is very satisfied with our performance in AI EXPO because we successfully draw visitors’ attention for willing to understand the value, functions and business mode of WaCare then achieve the mutual agreement. The United States of America in where the telemedicine is well developed, as WaCare focuses on removing geographical boundaries of healthcare industry, we’re really grateful of receiving positive comments to carry on, such as smart brand position, innovative idea and highly doable business mode.


▶ WaCare receives international cooperation proposals

WaCare continually receives optimistic feedback in AI EXPO journey. WaCare’s foresight, functions and business mode allures many investors’ hearts who come from Japan, India, Vietnam, Mexico, South Africa and Colombia all invite WaCare to conduct cooperation for entering their national markets.

WaCare is also surprised that the medical professional teams of India and South Africa express strongly their desire to cooperate with us. For them, their medical service would be integrated with WaCare’s technology to upgrade the effectiveness of case management in the phase of postoperative and post-hospital care. WaCare’s technology allows hospital to trace patients’ health conditions, so the patients could be reached when they face any health problems. In the meantime, the medical team can use the function of online advice to solve patient’s worries. The telemedicine which combines accuracy and humanity is the significant trend for healthcare industry in the near future.

The significance of CRM for hospital service becomes more and more important. This innovative service mode matches the projects that WaCare cooperates with many Taiwan hospitals. WaCare could both cover the pre-hospital and post-hospital care for conducting personal health management. WaCare is the crucial key of integrating medical facilities and healthcare to form a caring community on social network to improve patients’ lives.

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