The philosophy of WaCare Holistic Health Care Network is designed to bound people tightly for sharing everyone’s health condition to achieve Biopsychosocial model. It’s a great honor that The Korea Society of Hypertension invited the founder and CEO of La Vida Tec, Dr. Pan Ren-Hao to attend this annual international event on November 9th for noticing WaCare’s outstanding performance in the field of digital health network.


During this 2-day seminar, Dr. Pan will take WaCare’s successful cases as examples to elaborate how WaCare successfully use social network and knowledge inference A.I. to control Hypertension patients’ blood pressure. When A.I. detect the potential health risks by analyzing personal health model, WaCare will immediately alarm family and friends who can be aware of their cared ones’ health in real-time. WaCare will recommend the suitable health experts to answer people’s health questions based on  individual’s health condition 24/7, anytime, anywhere!


In WaCare smart health network, you can not only use WaCare to conduct Personal Health Record by recording daily blood pressure, blood sugar and sleep quality, but also invite your family and friends to join WaCare in order to care about your beloved ones’ health. WaCare provides a platform for people to activate their caring social network which can effectively prevent health risk, then achieve the ultimate goal of smart health management. WaCare cooperates with National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare to launch My Health Bank project for making personal health record more completed than ever. To secure and protect your personal information and health data, WaCare would never actively download any data from any Health Bank. You can freely set the privacy and sharing options of your Health Bank based on personal needs. WaCare also provides the option to upload personal health data to the third party, iCloud service provider whom you trust. WaCare takes your personal data security as the top priority, so don’t hesitate and start to create your own Health Bank!  


An interlude of Hypertension Seoul 2018

After Dr. Pan finished his speech, two Vietnamese doctors came to have a talk with him to show their positive impression about WaCare’s capabilities to complete a true Holistic Health Care Network. WaCare A.I. can estimate health risk by analyzing user profile. When A.I. receives the alert of rising health risk, WaCare sends the notification to user and his/her family immediately. WaCare uses NLP approach to activate care intervention and recommend suitable consultant to provide immediate solution. To satisfy market demands, WaCare online consultation provides two options, phone call and video chat, the latter one takes Blur Mode to protect personal privacy.

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