WaCare visits Silicon Valley Adult Day Health Care Center which is made for elder daycare. California government is very strict with Healthcare Center from the infrastructure to professional employees. The space and circulation of building is very important, especially for aged people. Another crucial element for a good Healthcare Center is the amount of health professionals which contains registered nurse, dietitian, physiatrist and counseling psychologist etc. The more completed equipment and service that Healthcare Center provides, the better caring quality that elders could have.

In nowadays, the United States faces the aging population and massive amount of healthcare cost, the budget of latter one equals 17% of GDP which means that Healthcare Center is considered as a significant part in the long-term care plan. Healthcare Center provides two functions, a proper healthcare to prevent disease and reduce the burden of children that is quite similar with the Healthcare Center in Taiwan.

Taiwan government continuously develops neighborhood mutual care to practice preventive medicine for the elders. WaCare- My Health Social Network is very suitable to connect the aged and their offspring. When WaCare A.I. detects the potential health risk, the members of caring network would receive the notification immediately, then they can look for the suitable health professionals to seek advice. WaCare is also considered as an integrated app for long-term care case management by collecting and processing Personal Health Record (PHR). The related healthcare professionals could manage their cases more effectively, in the meantime, the saved budget could be devoted into other important projects.

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