Chinese Ethnicity in North America is the main target market for La Vida Tec. WaCare’s online health education service can not only reduce the medical cost, but also resolve people’s health problems 24/7. WaCare visits Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce-Northern California (TACCNC) during our journey in the States to understand local citizens’ needs.

TACCNC was established in 1988 by the Taiwanese professionals who came from varied fields, such as technology, law, business, accounting and manufacturing. The main purpose is to improve the commercial development and satisfy the needs of service for the Taiwanese who live in Northern California.

During this event, WaCare is delighted to meet the local health professionals and other start-up teams in blockchain and education. The four main speakers whom are invited by TACCNC share their personal experiences of starting a new business. For example, how the VC values anew start-up and the moves that Taiwanese start-up should adjust to attract international market’s attention. The most important issues are that start-ups should know what kind of financial statements they want and the obstacles that nearly every start-up would face.

WaCare believes the preventive medicine is one crucial solution for the Aging Society in the very short future, therefore we deploy social network to attract family and friends to conduct actively care then improve the user’s health condition. In the meantime, the A.I. engine will predict the potential health risk. WaCare also provides the platform to connect health experts and public. We are doing our best to speed up the progress, so the citizens of North American will have the high-quality medical service from Taiwanese health professionals in the near future.

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