As an IT start-up, Draper University is on the visit-list of WaCare’s journey in California. Draper University is founded by Tim Draper who is a famous investor for investing several international enterprises, such as Yahoo, Skype and Baidu etc. in Silicon Valley. He chooses to establish his institute in San Mateo, the center of Silicon Valley. Draper University is quite different from the traditional ones for it only provides the courses from 6 to 10 weeks. The schedule is arranged based on individual’s needs, so the lecture core changes every week. Students in Draper University need to pass various obstacles, take the famous Survival Week as an example, which is a 5-day outdoor activity that implies many uncertain events might occur, so the teamwork and flexibility are very important. Another precious opportunity in Draper University is the Pitch Day in the final week. Students must be fully prepared to present from the prototype to the doable business mode to attract VC to support their business.

The start-up in Taiwan can not only apply the loan from government, but also seek other institutes’ assistance, such as Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena, AAMA Taipei and Taidah Entrepreneurship Center. WaCare meets some Taiwan start-up team in Draper University, and we notice that we all believe that “You’ll never know if you don’t give it a shot, and the worst outcome is back to the start, so actually you have nothing to lose” after having a word with them.

WaCare receives lots of positive feedback in AI EXPO North America, and we believe that the technology of A.I. and big data will allow healthcare to be more effective. It’s a mutual benefit for healthcare facilities and public because individual could improve the self-health management, and the healthcare institutes could integrate more resources through technology.

WaCare integrates social network and A.I. engine to deploy health promotion and preventive medicine. More than that, WaCare creates a platform to connect public and health experts which means that the obstacle of geographical boundary is literally vanished. This innovative strategy of health promotion allures many countries want to work with WaCare, for example, Japan, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Mexico and Colombia. Especially the medical teams of India and South Africa strongly express their will to cooperate with WaCare as an integrated tool for case management of postsurgery and after hospital.

WaCare-My Health Social Network let the globe see the unlimited possibilities of technology in the field of healthcare. WaCare will keep you posting!

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