About WaCare

Do you know when is the last time
your families had leisure activity?

Do you know families’ lifestyles?

How do you take care health
condition of families?

Activate health prescription for your family!
Join WaCare to create healthier lives to your families.

WaCare healthy social network connects you and the most important people of you, and you share health events each other. Be a partner with your families in healthy activities and interact with health professionals of WaCare network to obtain health education & healthcare service.

Biopsychosocial model delivers you a comprehensive care
Recycled strong ties connects your social network, and AI provides you personalized health strategy

Owing healthy condition starts from care each other !
Join WaCare! Various unique functions can better your lives and health conditions

Strong ties
WaCare takes care for you to your families anytime and anywhere.

Timely care
WaCare informs you health conditions of your families anytime that you can take care them properly.

Health mission
Cheer up and keep accompany families to complete health missions! Share joy and achievement each other !

Joyful life
Include important people into the WaCare group, let care cycle work constantly and live delightedly!

Modulize personal behavior to carry out disease risk prediction and prevention.